Blakes interview

[caption id="attachment_1943" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Blake flip Photo Jye Mcdonald[/caption] Best Board you have ever had and why? Science Pocket LTD. I feel a great level of control, especially in the pocket; as the name would suggest! It is also especially good for rotational manoeuvres. Another to note is an old school Morey Mike Stewart pro comp board, it's a bit of a prized possession. The best thing you have done in the water this last year? An invert at the local Whats the worst thing you did? Tried to do a half-turn in to a pit, bogged a rail and went face first down the face of the wave. Haha!   BLAKE REVERSE 1 [caption id="attachment_1941" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]BLAKE REVERSE 2 photo Jye Mcdonald[/caption]   Favorite three hobbies when you are not in the water? Play station 3, training, and a bit of a love/hate relationship with studying. What are five things the world doesn‚Äôt know about you 1. I hold a diploma in sport management 2. I am currently studying exercise science (to hopefully become a physiotherapist) 3. I enjoy photography and have a bit of a collection of various old 35mm cameras 4. I'm an all or nothing type of person 5. I rarely get enough sleep What is bodyboarding style and how do you improve it? Combining control, flow, and power all the while making it look effortless. Learn from the best, watch how they do it and try to replicate it in your own way, and get footage! What is high performance bodyboarding to you? Combining said style in both big and small waves, and also having a large repertoire of manoeuvres that you can link together seamlessly in both big and small waves. What makes a magic board for you? A curve perfect for both speed and manoeuvrability, a decent amount of flex, and must have contours! When you are not bodyboarding what are you doing? Uni/Studying and working at Flux. Favorite wave to surf? Definitely anywhere along my home break stretch, or black rock in Cook Islands Favorite snack that someone could bring you? Geez, this is hard. Maybe a messy roll, chicken burger and chips from Winky's in Port Mac.