Matt Holzman Interview

[caption id="attachment_773" align="alignnone" width="750"]Photo: Mike Cerrone Photo: Mike Cerrone[/caption] What do you like about the MSViper fins? Their style. You have won the inaugural Hawaii pro tour can you please tell me about this? When i first heard they were doing a Hawaii tour with IBA points and priority system, I was excited to have the opportunity to compete with some of Hawaii's finest at a professional level. Its always sick to see groms ripping and getting the chance to shine. I enjoy competing at a high level. With this being a legit contest at home in Hawaii with money on the line it was a rad feeling and I'm honored to be the first to win the this tour. [caption id="attachment_1263" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Mat pipe bomb Photo Ke'aka
Matt Holzman on the 10 pointer[/caption] You received a perfect 10 at pipe a couple years back in what would have to be some of the best conditions ever for the event. Without riding out there so much how did you do that?How is it different to other waves you surfed? It helped that the waves were going off. But before the comp Mike gave me some line up tactics that helped me position and navigate myself on the reef. When I paddled out it clicked and came natural. Pipe can have many different variations I've noticed, but when its west it likes to bend out to sea with a lot of power so that was different. What is the best wave you have ever ridden? Pipeline is the pinnacle of wave riding. Whats the gnarliest wave you have ever ridden? Tell me about this session? Some waves back home get my heart pumping. There are too many sessions to claim being the heaviest. Ask me after I get the chance to explore the horizon. [caption id="attachment_772" align="alignnone" width="750"]Photographer: Kevin Starr Photographer: Kevin Starr[/caption] What was it like growing up in Hawaii? I like Filipino food, rice, and local chicks so I fit right in. Except I would get red when sunburnt and all my friends would turn black so I kinda stood out. Both my parents surfed and my Dad is a commercial fisherman so I was constantly surrounded by the ocean and its treasures. I am grateful for having parents raising me on Kauai and introducing me to the ocean's playground. Couldn't imagine being born anywhere else. What do you like about your science board? I like how the all the equipment Science has to offer is made with the highest quality of material, which means you get the top of the line products, especially the boards. Science also has many different models so you can choose your favorite shape, because most likely they will have what you are looking for. When did you know you would be bodyboarding? When I think abo+H3ut it I don't remember a point that I wasn't playing around on a bodyboard. I would bring both a surfboard and bodyboard to the beach when I was younger. But when I started to get older and could make my way to the beach on my own, I would ride my bike to the beach after school everyday and bring just my bodyboard. There are many different uses for a bodyboard, it can be used as a mattress, a bunker for sand ball wars, sand/grass sliding, a table, even a shelter devise, it was allowed on the bus unlike a poky tip, and it was in my parents budget. The boogie was always my weapon of choice. The best thing you feel you have done in the water this last year? Won the first professional contest of my career against some skilled Hawaiians. What wave do you want to surf? Chopes is first on the list. Whats next for Matt Holzman? Keep on climbing. [caption id="attachment_1262" align="alignnone" width="1000"]mat pipe bomb water angle Photo Ryan Jones[/caption]