Tanner Interview

  What did you get up to in 2013? 2013 was an amazing year for me. It started off with my first real winter season on the NS of Oahu which led up to my second Pipe Comp. From then I traveled to Australia for a month and experienced some amazing new waves, places, and met some great people. After that I was back at home for most of the summer just surfing around my local spots and having a great time as usual. Towards the end on the summer I went to Southern California for a quick surf trip, which was a blast. The IBA Hawaii Tour began in September with the first event at Sandy Beach and then another event at Keaau Beach. Any new moves, what are you working on in the water these days? Lately, I have been really putting emphasis on improving all the aspects of my riding. Trying to become well rounded and more powerful in big waves has been what I have mostly been doing. I have tried a few new maneuvers here and there. I came really close to executing a double backflip recently at a wedge around home. I also attempted an inverse on a pretty solid section a while back, came close to landing it. You won the inaugural IBA Hawaii tour in the junior pro division. I was truly stoked to have done so! The evens had super fun waves for the whole comp and the competition was top notch! The events were run extremely well and can‚Äôt wait to compete in more comps like them. What are the three best moves you pulled this last year? I think the best three moves I pulled would be an inverse that I did manage to pull, a spin in the barrel to flip out at a local reef, maybe a big air reverse out of the bowl. Whats next for Tanner? My plans for the near future will take me to the North Shore of Oahu for a few weeks and hopefully surfing in the Pipe Comp.