Pro TS (Team Spec) TriQuad

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Designed to ride amazing in any condition, the Pro's shape is super fast with enough curve to control that speed for destroying sections and blasting airs on any wave, big or small.  The Team Specs (TS) is just that, tightened specifications derived from the experience of our team members. Equipped with the TriCrescent Tail and Quad Vent Channels this board will take you on a ride.  Engage the rail and feel it kick into another gear!

Board Specs: FLEX FACTOR F5

  • Core: Kinetic PP
  • Deck: Wavecushion PE
  • Slick: Surlyn
  • Stringer: 1 Stringer
  • Tail: TriCrescent
  • Channels: Quad Vent Channels

Additional Features:

  • 55/45 Double rails
  • Deck Contours
  • Nose Bulbs