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I am re-hatching the spring loaded weapon used in years past. A slightly lower density core with a woven composite stringer for durability creates the most lively of feeling boards. Project quickly in and out of moves through barrels and into the air with ease. Add a woven composite stringer for durability. Check out #sciencestylezero to see this board in action. 

Channels: MS Channels 
Gradual entry but its surface area remains constant through-out the water flow.With water flow when you increase surface, going from flat bottom to concave (channel) this creates drag and slows down the board. With the MS Channels two things occur. 
1. Smooth Entry into the channel. 
2. No drag producing added surface area 


  • Core: Thicker 1.3 NRG+
  • Deck: Wavecushion Air 8lb. PE Deck
  • Stringer: 1x Stringer
  • Slick: Surlyn Slick 
  • Channels: MS Channels

Additional Features:

  • 55/45 Double Rails
  • Nose Bulbs