Delta Vipers 2.0

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The Delta Vipers 2.0 are a A-symmetrical swim fin that provide a strong powerful kick. The engineering of the stiffer inside rail extends off the big toe resulting in more leveraged control. The winged tip off this rail directs water flow further enhancing this effect. A straight cut angled blade reduces turbulence and drag.

The 2.0 varies from the original Delta Viper in the fact that it has a softer more rounder foot pocket that increases the overall comfort of the fin.

All VIPERs are made of superior natural rubber compound that allow them to float high in any surf.  Designed as a high performance swim fin for intermediate to advanced wave riders

Size Chart:
• M (m 7.5-9 / w 9.5-11)
• ML (m 9-11 / w 11-12.5)
• L (m 11-13 / w 12.5-14)