Delta Vipers

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The Delta Viper Fins are a A-symmetrical fin that provide a strong powerful kick.  The design of a stiffer inside rail allows water to directly flow off the big toe which improves thrust, stability and speed.  The original Delta Vipers are of a stiffer rubber compound.

All VIPERs are made of superior natural rubber compounds which allow them to float high in the surf.  Designed as a high performance fin for intermediate to advanced wave riders.

Size Chart:

  • S (m 3-4 / w 4.5-5.5)
  • MS (m 5-6 / w 6.5-7.5)
  • M (m 7-9 / w 7.5-10)
  • ML (m 9-10 / w 10-12)
  • L (m 10-12 / w 12-13.5)