Shield 4/3 Zipperless Steamer S21

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Gyroll was created in 1992 with the simple objective; “to enhance the surfing experience” 
This idea inspires every stitch, seam, panel and material that we use to make Gyroll wetsuits.
Constructed from the highest quality, most ecological materials available Gyroll wetsuits represent a 30 year pursuit for the ultimate in warmth, comfort and function.  

Gyroll Shield: Is the supreme insulator from the cold, with an  extra thermal layer covering the entire body’s core generating maximum heat retention. Super flexible materials and a zipperless fit allow for the freest movement in the warmest suit. 

100% super stretch Eco Friendly Limestone Neoprene, ultimate flexibility and form fitting comfort

Zipperless entry and exit increases overall flexibility and warmth

Ergonomic Collar reduces abrasion

Non Toxic Water Based GBS and exterior Liquid Seal provide a watertight seam throughout

Thermal Lining from inner arm through front and back of thighs

Internal Seam Junction Points are Reinforced

Low drag and abrasion resistance Knee Pads

Forearm Grip Cells

Seamless riding surface

XS 5'3"-5'6"/160cm-168cm 120-135LBS/54kg-61kg
S 5'5"-5'8"/165cm-173cm 130-150LBS/59kg-68kg
M 5'7"-5'10/170cm-178cm 145-165LBS/66kg-75kg
MT 5'10"-6'1"/178cm-185cm 160-180LBS/73kg-82kg
L 5'10"-6'2"/178cm-188cm 170-190LBS/77kg-86kg
XL 5'11"-6'2"/180cm-188cm 185-205LBS/84kg-93kg
XXL 6'1"-6'3"/185cm-191cm 200-220LBS/91kg-100kg